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If you have been searching for the perfect multi-purpose detailer, you’ve come to right place. Spit n Shine cleans and details the interior and exterior of your car, motorcycle, boat, RV, home and more.

Spit n Shine can be used to clean glass, mirrors, windows, eye glasses, sunglasses, and goggles. It can even be used to clean chrome, headlights and windshields. Spit n Shine dries fast and leaves your items with a streak free shine. 

Anti Fog

AntiFogPhotoCleans and prevents fogging on goggles, sun & eye glasses, windshields, windows binoculars, scopes and more! Apply to wet or dry surfaces.

Special Package 1

2013-07-22 13.28.19Package includes 1 32 oz. sprayer, 1 microfiber towel, 1 2 oz. single, and 1 sticker.

Saddle Bag

Setof3Great for the saddle bags on the motorcycle! Comes with a refillable 2 oz bottle of Spit n Shine Cleaner and an orange microfiber towel in a great bag.

32 oz. Sprayer

Removes bugs from windshields and headlights as well as goggles! Great for cleaning interior/exterior, automobiles, motorcycles, chrome, paint and more!

128 oz. Gallon

Great to refill all the smaller size spray bottles – keep this on hand to never run out!

Microfiber Towels


Scratch-free, Lint-free Microfiber towels. Comes in bundles of 1, 3, 12 or 24